The quiet and subtle acoustic guitar proves to be a fitting backdrop for Kaplow’s poignant, reflective lyrics. The song (I Said I Was Going And I Went) also captures his penchant for crafting vivid imagery while also casting an emotional spell on the listener.
— Glide Magazine
There’s something deeply endearing about Kaplow’s style. It’s like the song is in no hurry to move along, but you’re perfectly happy to enjoy the lull of the strings and vocal. It reminds me of being in the middle of a really good novel. You want the sense of accomplishment of finishing it, but you’re perfectly happy to just exist in that space. Feels good, ya’ll.
— Ear To The Ground
Following in the lo-fi tradition of songwriters like Neil Young and baby Bobby D, Joe Kaplow captures a raw and earnest feel as he hones in on those little moments that set the scene for our personal narratives: the doorknobs turned and linoleum scrubbed.
— Yabyum
This single is a beautiful rendition and amenity to what Joe feels about the life he fills.
— Come Here Floyd